February 15, 2008

An Aggie to be Proud of

While serving as a civilian contractor in Iraq Brad Blauser is providing Iraqi children with wheelchairs, read the CNN article here (be prepared to cry). Brad is a guy that I've followed for a while through his posts on texags.com. Brad has given his time in Iraq for a few years and is always drumming up support for not only the troops but the Iraqi citizens. He truly is someone to be proud of and has a heart of gold. Read this post he made about an armed service member he works with and reflect on the people who are truly making a difference in this world. Not many people can give as much as Brad has to his country, those around him, and the institutions associated with him. Take time to think about accomplishments like this and what small things we can do everyday in our lives to live more like neighbors with everyone.

Wheelchairs for Iraqi Kids homepage

Brad's blog: Supporting Troops wheelchair video

DoD: Wheelchair distribution article

Dallas WFAA Report: December 2006

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