February 14, 2008

Rare Animal Sighting

We may have wittnessed a rare occurance today. The first sighting of one of the rarest species of DC wildlife, The Stiff-Backed Democrat, took place on the floor of the House today. The House voted 223-32-1 to pass contempt charges against former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolton.

This breaks a damn long steak of timid arguments and constant buckles by Congressional Democrats. The aroma of pant-peeing and boot-licking is still plenty thick, but sunlight might be breaking through. These subpoenas were ignored last summer as part of the fired US Attornys scandal, and the vote on Contempt of Congress has been postponed innumerable times by the Democrat leadership, if it can be called leadership. But now, with this small exhibition of a spine, especially in the face of such a scawy Republican temper tantrum, and the conference on the FISA reform / RESTORE Act looming, the Defeatocrats have an opportunity to dispel, in part, the image of cowardice which infects the party.

Man, I wish my job would let me get away with ignoring my responsibilities for 85% of the year, but we can't all be Congress Critters.

Way to assert the basic powers of your position guys, keep it up.

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GestapoParrot said...

maybe some of these guys will get behind Wexler's push for impeachment, but if history is any indicator it won't happen.