February 15, 2008

The Batt Strikes Again...

Following their long tradition of poor taste, today the Battalion tried to be extra sensitive to those who have felt the tragedy in the wake of the Northern Illinois shootings. I'm sure those who have been affected through either family or friends of yesterday's events were awfully happy to open up their home school newspaper and see this.

And then to put a little spice in the day David Morris thought it appropriate to write an article about allowing firearms on campus. Maybe David thinks the fear of being gunned down will stop someone from acting out like this but he obviously didn't read the part of the story where the gunmen from both NIU and Vtech were shot dead. That is obviously not a deterrent and you would think a senior psychology major could tease out that easy detail in all of this, but alas he fails to even think about the motivating factors that cause these types of actions. That is the basis of your whole degree and your plan is to let everyone carry around a firearm, insane. That'll probably turn out good when everyone stumbles home drunk and obnoxious from northgate. Does David not remember the two stabbing deaths at his home campus this past year? Should we give everyone knives to stop that?

Imagine the chaos that ensues when 10 armed officers bust into a building and there are bodies on the floor and 30 people waving guns around in the air, I see little that could go wrong there. This is insanity, I don't trust the people in this town to drive correctly but I'm supposed to expect them to be able to handle a firearm?

Way to go Batt, its not like you publish every day of the school year, maybe the image and article could've waited. Hell, even Fox news was nothing but supportive, and they say Al Gore is gay and call Senator Obama "B. Hussein Obama." So you can judge your journalistic integrity on that.

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