February 11, 2008

ScienceDebate2008 is set for April!!!

In a release today, the ScienceDebate2008 website has announced a time and location for this event to happen (official invitation to the candidates). The blogosphere is blazing with the information and this is truly incredible as in Dec 2007 (yes, just 2 short months ago) a scientist and two out of work writers began the campaign for the candidates to appear before the nation's scientific minds and answer as to the policies that will directly affect not only their personal careers, but efforts in their dreams and goals that they so fervently work towards.

There are few careers like researching scientists. Something has to consume you so much that your hobby and personal interests directly reflect your career. And this always sounds like a great way to live and work but eventually the pratfalls and pressures of a career pervert even the most altruistic researchers and the passion turns to performance.

This is also important for the nation's health and environmental policies as there is very little clarification as to the funding and execution of many controverisal research topics.

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