February 18, 2008

Obama plagiarizing speech?

There's been a little of a hitch on the Obama campaign trail today as a few have questioned whether he plagiarized a speech by Deval Patrick. Patrick, the Democratic Governor of Massachusetts, gave a speech titled "Just Words" on October 15, 2006 and Obama has been criticized of copying specific lines and linguistic speech patterns in his February 16, 2008 speech, "Words Matter". Here's a side by side so you can judge for yourself, truth or journalistic sensationalism?

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Dean said...

Ok, turns out Patrick and Obama have a long history together, and like to bounce ideas off each other. Patrick has said that it doesn't surprise him that Obama's words are similar to his, and in fact, give Obama permission to use his ideas. So not really plagiarized.


GestapoParrot said...

yeah, I was hoping you would pick up the update on this story along with the clinton plag stuff.