June 1, 2008

The Right's Right

Senior Junior Political correspondent

Aurash Kamkar

The evidence that the GOP realizes it's true position in this
election is becoming more evident everyday. I've been trying to exercise my due
diligence and look at this from multiple angles and
paradigms. The right seems to continually focus on the issues that are menial. They have taken the art of the suppositions on small amounts of menutia and transposing them as life
philosophies to a whole new level.

I believe that instead of addressing the truly valuable issues,
they are resigned to making flag pins, and google art their battles of
choice. We are constantly bombarded about how the right is looking out
for the welfare of the military members and their families. How the GOP
is concerned about attaining a "victory" in Iraq (from who???, you do
not win occupations). They proudly expound that the military is doing
the American people proud. What we are doing to the military is not
making me proud
. I would love to discuss with GOP
senators why its necessary to "cut" 40,000 1st & 2nd lieutenants,
just so we can get another 150 million dollar F-22. The GOP and the
pentagon have done wrong to those who dreamed and dedicated their lives
to becoming officers in the military. Lets deal with the issue of some
kind of exit strategy or "victory" strategy. The longer we stay, the
more people we continually subject to more violence and death. The
republicans need to stop railing about Obama's flag pin and start
focusing on ways to stop the back door draft continually affecting our
hero's and their families. When the serious topics the GOP insists they
champion, become afterthoughts, the outlook isn't good.

As always any questions or comments are welcome even stupid ones.....

AK out

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