June 2, 2008

The Best of...Monday Links

June 2, 2008 and the craziness begins. As my time to blog decreases and I focus on more in depth articles, I'll try to get out a link collection a few times a week. Today everything from climate change, fake photography, and paper use make the list, as well as some weird freakin animals; enjoy!

In a staunch turnaround, the government issued a report about how climate change is going to negatively affect us! There is even an executive memo that says global warming is real and we need to fight it!

But somehow today the White House slams a climate bill aimed at controlling climate change, wtf?!?!

5 ways to spot a fake photo

Who needs paper? And is it really that bad?

Proof God had a sense of humor, the world's 10 strangest looking animals, and some awesome user-submitted entrants.

Milk prices are rising! Blame the price of sawdust!

Amazing 3D animation of brain tumor growth.

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