May 31, 2008

The FL & MI Fiasco

The question of what to do with the Democratic delegates from Michigan and Florida is being hashed out today. The Rules Committee is holding a hearing to decide what the punishment should be, if any, for those two states BREAKING PARTY RULES and moving their primaries ahead of the official party schedule.

Clinton supporters are whining that all those votes should be counted, despite the fact that Obama didn't campaign in those states (which Clinton did, which is a violation of those same party rules), and wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan. The funny thing is, these are the same rules that the Clinton Campaign AGREED to before the votes began, and now that it looks like she may be hurt by them, Oh the INJUSTICE! The HORROR! The DISENFRANCHISEMENT!!

Clinton, and your banshees at the hearing today, sit down and shut up.

Crooks and Liars is streaming the hearing, for anyone who wants to listen in.

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Tye said...

decision made, all delegates seated, split down the middle.