June 5, 2008

Sounds Like Hill's Out On Saturday...

Via Mother Jones Blog, Jonathon Stein says the Clinton campaign will hold an event in Washington DC to thank her supporters and throw some support Obama's way.

Finally an end to this madness, it is about time! Now let's get the general election excitement started! 5 months of exciting stuff to come.

I'm sure the Republicans will play up the Obama-Islam/Crazy Liberal/inexperienced/Hussein vein, as Barack himself has acknowledged, but I think they'll keep it rather tame otherwise.

But that doesn't mean this race will be friendly by any means. The 527's are going to turn this election into a culture war. The groups may mask the true message behind the curtain of the madrasa, Rev. Wright, quotes concerning islam, and quotes his wife has made; but the message will be clear, Barack Obama isn't white.

My only hope is that it isn't affective. I feel like it shouldn't matter, I know I'm going to support him no matter what his color. There have been appointees (which granted is a wholly different mechanism with lower standard of replacement) from different countries who serve this country to their best (I'm looking at you California), and there will be plenty more as the cultural makeup of the country shifts (I know, didn't all you conservatives just squirm a little). I hope the population will be able to see past the racial tensions and cultural divides the ads will try to conjure up (on both sides of the fence) and focus on today. Are you better today than eight years ago? Realize that one candidate offers connections to the same think tank and political stronghold that has brought us to the present, while the other offers a new perspective. Its your job to truly look into the facts and find out whether that alternative perspective offers better than the future our current policies hold. Maybe I'm just infected with the liberal spew but I'm pretty sure I don't want anymore of what the Republicans are selling.

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liberaltexan said...

Well said.

Dean said...


I feel pretty comfortable with Obama (i shudder to voice this kind of confidence in someone in the party of John Kerry and Harold Ford) and his ability to weather the GOP noise machine this fall. Clinton did a damn fine job of imitating a republican during the primary, and McBush was in full Limbaugh-esque force, but nothing stuck. The American people have decided that they aren't persuaded by the Right's identity politics and "swift boaters for bullshit" tactics.

The country is ready for a clean fight and a new Washington, and Obama offers both.