June 7, 2008

Clinton: "Path to Peace, Prosperity and Progress."

Done. Finally.

You know, as critical as I have been of Hillary during this campaign, I do feel that she deserves a salute on her way out. She's been an influential voice and powerfully visible figure for progressive causes for a couple of decades, and her impact on the American political scene cannot be overstated.

As a politician, Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of a Democrat with a Spine; a rare creature indeed. She plays hardball, doesn't pull punches, and is obviously willing to fight to her last dying breath for the causes she believes in. The other cringing, capitulating congress critters who call themselves Democrats (with a few exceptions) can, and should, learn a great deal from her.

She gave a speech today (I believe) which C&L reports will be running in full on MSNBC today at 4 o'clock Eastern time, in which she officially backs Obama in his candidacy for the Presidency. It was one of her better pieces of oratory, and hopefully will mend some of the rifts in the Democratic Party (real or media-made) and prime the Party to stomp McBush this November. She referred to an Obama victory as "the path to peace, prosperity and progress" for the country, and I can't think of a better way to put it. It might be shallow and calculating of me, but when I hear that line, I think "campaign slogan," and I like it. It'll sell.

  • Peace; getting our kids out of that bloodthirsty desert where Bush took the modern conservative movement to die.
  • Prosperity; a break from the financially suicidal policies of "rob from the poor to feed the rich" which have dominated our economy, dictated to and implemented by Dubya from the boardrooms of Houston, Galveston, and New York.
  • Progress; providing real care for our veterans, returning sanity to out international policy, ensuring equal rights for all Americans (protecting them from Big Money lobbyists who drown out their voices and from archaic social oppression more at home in Torquemada's Spain than a modernized nation), and hopefully provide adequate health care for our citizenry.

The list obviously can go on and on, listing the multitude of criminally catastrophic fuck-ups perpetrated by the Buch Cartel, but the point is, any Democrat (hell, almost any sentient being) can and will do a better job of piloting this country than George "All Hat, No Cattle" Bush, and John McSame represents nothing more than a third term of Neocon blood lust and bullshit, except this time the military service claimed by the candidate actually occurred.

So, well done Hillary. Way to stop drilling holes in the hull before the boat actually goes down. She sure did make me nervous, waiting until the train of a "sundered party" was damn near on top of us to jump off the tracks, but she did jump. I really can't condone that kind of selfish campaigning, but its over now, the party is in good shape behind a strong nominee, and as they say, no blood, no foul.

EDIT: Yeah yeah, I just noticed the crazy hodge-podge of metaphors in that last paragraph. Whatever, I like em, they'll stay.

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liberaltexan said...

Well said.
It was interesting watching that speech at the state convention.