June 8, 2008

Human Rights Watch: Cluster Bomb Update

Human Rights Watch has released a video describing the very real danger cluster bomb munitions pose to civilians all over the world. The these weapons, currently used by the US Military, effectively create undocumented mine fields when a percentage of the "bomblets" they release fail to detonate and lay dormant until disturbed by a footstep, vehicle tire, or child's hand. Over 100 nations have signed an international ban on these weapons and agreed to implement programs to deal with the unexploded munitions already scattered around the globe, but as of this posting, the US and several other major militarized countries have refused to sign the UN ban, claiming it would impair their ability to kick ass effectively. Merely another facet of the standing US policy of "To hell with the brown people" I guess.

Previously blogged about here.

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Tye said...

When the use of torture and cluster bombs are the buzzwords of your administration I think there needs to be a re-evaluation of the values and purpose of your servitude. It is amazing that an advanced country such as ours still resorts to inhumane action to get our way.