March 27, 2008

Stop The Double Standard For Green Cars

Seems like a whole lot of people (I'm looking at you Big Media) are obsessed with whether or not that hybrid/plug in hybrid/electric car will "pay for itself" with fuel savings. How about this example; "The payoff for plug-in hybrids: 95 years?".

I hear claims about car "X" will save you money and so naturally you will want to examine that claim. I really have no problem with that, but it irks me that it seems like the whole freakin point of green(er) transportation is saving money, and that its the yardstick to measure all new green cars. Since when do cars pay for themselves?

When people upgrade to the V8 or sunroof where are the people asking whether it will pay for itself? Why are people allowed to make personal choices on aesthetics or performance without having to justify themselves? But people who want lower emissions, or enjoy driving an electric, or want to encourage new cleaner technology, are asked to make a financial case?

At least the extra money spent of a more efficient vehicle will partly pay for itself. Lets stop the double standard unless the question really is "will it pay for itself?"

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Dean said...

When was the last time some one asked if the SUVs or H3s will pay for themselves? The economic benefits of clean technology are pretty evident at this point, even FOX NEWS, premiere global warming deniers that they are, has "gone green." But honestly, is saving a few bucks the point here? I would argue that it isn't.

Tye said...

Its funny you mention the Hummers since they are all being discontinued. The H1 stops this June

And the H2 model in 2011 or 2014

Tye said...

guess they weren't "paying for themselves"