March 27, 2008


This is just ridiculous. This girl's parent's decided that rather than take their daughter to the doctor, 11 years old and dying, they would simply pray for her health. As their little girl faded into an easily preventable diabetic coma, they idly stood by and trusted to "faith." This is neglect, in its most obvious form. Andrew Hauch, StifledMind's Senior Diabetes Correspondent, examined the case:

Given the girl’s age (11 years old) and the autopsy’s revelation in which there was a lack of insulin, it is almost certain that the girl was afflicted with Type I Diabetes. To help understand further, this lack of insulin originates from the pancreatic beta cells’ inability to produce adequate insulin. Without insulin, blood glucose is free-flowing throughout the body’s circulatory system and cannot be absorbed into cells and utilized for fuel. Thus, the body requires fat metabolism through beta oxidation to generate fuel for cells. In turn, a highly acidic environment falling outside of the optimal pH spectrum of the human body (pH 7.4-7.8) is created through ketoacidosis (beta oxidation produces a family of acidic byproducts called ketones-- more specifically in this case --acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutyrate). Once the body’s pH falls outside of this range for a prolonged period of time, tissue necrosis is inevitable leading to diabetic coma or even death. All of this could have been impeded by simple insulin injections.
Ok, so he's no MD, but honestly, can you argue with that? I can't. Seems freakin' stupid to ignore everything your eyes and ears have taught you for however many years, and trust blindly in an old book.

I'm not trying to start some "War on Religion" here. Don't call Bill O'Reily on me. I can understand and even respect a person's spirituality, whatever its form, but certain secular realities do demand a little attention. I need to eat to live. Praying doesn't feed me. Following these parents' logic, I could wander onto the express way and "pray" that God would miraculously cause the speeding semi to vanish. God isn't your "get out of jail free" card people. Life comes with responsibilities. Man up.

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Tye said...

I'm glad you put something up about this, I saw it earlier and decided I would leave it alone so I didn't start a war over religion. Awesome post though, and I'm glad that the "fucking morons" tag is starting to get some use.