March 27, 2008

Clinton's Pants Aflame, No One Notices (Updated)

Freakin hilarious post at Kos by Tripletee. This is a reference to the recent uproar over some claims Clinton made about her international experiences which turned out to be slightly less than true. Clinton originally claimed, on several instances, that a trip to Bosnia as the First Lady read like a Rambo movie. Running from sniper fire and ducking into armored convoys etc. But oops, there were, you know, video cameras and (gasp) other people on that trip, and they remember a slightly different version. Poems and photo-opps, rather than bullets and adrenaline.

Ok, now why does this matter?

Clinton has based her campaign for the nations highest offices upon the notion that she possesses the greatest depth of knowledge and experience, stemming from her years in the White House at Bill's side. She has argued that Obama is unfit for that office because he has not crossed that infamous "commander-in-chief threshold," whatever that may be. Yet, if she is fudging the facts on her record, in the area that is supposedly her biggest strength, does that not raise some important questions about her qualifications and character?

Edit: Further evidence of Hillary maybe, kinda exaggerating her accomplishments.

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Anonymous said...

Saddest part is that in a past book, written by H. Clinton, she discusses this trip and gets the story correct. Why than do something this stupid? She must realize that it is a UTube world. I guess padding her experience resume was/is more important than the truth.
We need to expect more from our leaders.

Dean said...

Great point. She has correctly described the incident in the past. So beyond the obvious stupidity of this move, its becoming more and more apparent that Hillary is intentionally misleading the American Peeps about her experiences.

Tye said...

holy shit, dean still writes for this blog?