March 28, 2008

Game On!

Welcome our newest writer Anthony Lopez to the StifledMind crew, he's currently working towards his MD and has a few thoughts to share, enjoy...

I weep for the quiet passage back into greatness this country could have had, but I weep also for my own naivety in thinking such was possible. I refer of course to the new "scandal" involving Sen. Obama's pastor. I am not going to go into a long winded discussion here about the silliness of all of this, or the evil of de-contextualizing a spiritual sermon and condemning a man for attending a church different from yours (especially one as prominent or crucial to its community as Trinity United Church of Christ). If I was going to my arguments would be somewhere along the line of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount being equally socially inflammatory, or Obama not being responsible for his pastors words, or perhaps if I was feeling really salty a discussion about whether the comments were true and thus not negative at all.

No, what I want to say here is that something like this happening was inevitable and those of us who know what the Senator from Illinois is all about will simply have to ramp up the fight to get him elected. Up to this point it has been an unimaginable cake walk, carried forward solely on the shoulders of Obama's veracity and charisma. The lay of the land has changed now.

This is our country. This is 21st Century America. Did we forget that? Ignorance, Complacency and Fear are at the Absolute height of their Power. Fox News continues still to spew there well-poisoning filth into the ether unchecked. Corporations continue still to consolidate their hold on individual destiny and possibility. The assault against free thought, Ideas, Truth and general Intellectualism continues still. These are the points of the spears wielded by the prevailing Power in our society. And No Power dies Quietly.

Many of us had, like me, foolishly hoped that the powers that be would give up their hold on our people without a fight, that they would just sit back, smile and let this little black man from Hawaii lead his people into a new age. We were fooled by their momentary hesitation to attack Sen. Obama into thinking that they had just given up. Wrong we were. Everyone was shocked at first that such a man could ascend. Our oppressors lost their footing in a world that would let such a man exist, but now their balance is regained, and the beast that we had hoped would destroy itself has woken up angry.

What I am trying to say in my own flowery liberal way, is that this War just started. This election, this choice that will decide the future of our society has just become real. If you have felt the Love and Truth that Sen. Obama carries behind his eyes, now is the time to raise your voice and make sure that he is not destroyed by those who would have our country fall into darkness. Now is the time fight back against the Philosophy that is eroding our liberties, tarnishing our purpose, and destroying this countries hopes of future prosperity. Now is the time to say "I am a free person, and I will not be led into madness and hate without a fight. I will not let myself be convinced of a lie despite my better judgment and what I know to be True." Now is the Time. Our Democracy is at stake. Just ours. The World is stable enough now that it will turn with or without America's supervision, and will prosper with or without America's consent.

This great journey has just begun. Our future is still unwritten. We may still lose all that we've gained, but we may still emerge victorious. Make no mistake, this is War of an earnest sincerity the like of which this country has never faced, from foreign enemies or otherwise. Those of you who stand with me behind Sen. Obama know whats at stake.

What side are you on?

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