March 8, 2008

Solar Leaves: Tack 'em to Your House!

A sustainable design group named SMIT (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technologies) has come up with a great solar invention. Instead of mounting huge solar panels on heavy frames that need reinforcing, they've put the solar panels on small, flexible, durable pieces of plastic.

A large grid of them are then tacked onto the side of a house and wired together with its neighbors and you have a pretty small and inexpensive way to start getting solar power. The frames won't give you as much power as a large monosilicone roof-mounted installation, but your investment won't be as significant either. The idea is that the solar cells remind passers buy of ivy leaves. They're green, they blow in the wind, they absorb photons and convert them into electrons.

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Dean said...

Are these things available for consumers yet? How much are they? I'd like to look into them for my parents house.

GestapoParrot said...

Currently the only way to get access to them is by emailing them at Or you can use their website contact form at [url][/url]