March 3, 2008

Our Children Will Never Forgive Us

So after the optimism of the last post, this one is kinda hard to stomach. Apparently, Democrats really do suck just as much as we all thought they do.

Apparently, according to the AP and, House Rep Reyes (D- TX) has given indication that the Dems are preparing to run their favorite political power play against the Thugs-That-Be, the patented "Cave-Like-A-Little-Bitch" maneuver. Looks like their response to the American Peoples' message in Nov. '06, (the one where we screamed "Stand Up to Bush!" from the ballot box) is to once again hand the Criminal In Chief everything he wants on a silver platter. Maybe we'll piss and moan about "political realities" and "vote counts" in the aftermath, but meaningful opposition to the lawbreaking, Constitution-defiling, corporate money-loving policies of this administration? Forget about it. Not with these Dems folks, thats not what we're about. We're gonna do everything we can to make sure we, and the American People, are bent over nice and pretty for BushCo to take a whack at whenever they get that old-fashioned, Abu Ghraib feeling.

Ok, so a translation from my out-of-control partisan ranting. Bush and the Telecoms have been breaking the law since 2001. That one law, written down somewhere, that says the gov. must get a warrant before searching American citizen's property. Bush said we would all die if Congress didn't legislate those pesky crimes away (Surprise! That was a lie.), and in the process, remove the possibility that a court case might expose, well, what courts are supposed to expose; that a crime had been committed. The Senate Dems, following proud tradition, said "Yes sir, Mr. Preznit, anything else we can do for you today?" and gave in on his demands for Telecom immunity. The House actually balked, let the law (whose expiration the R's claimed would cause THE END OF THE WORLD) expire (the world is still here), and looked like they might stand up to Chimpy and allow an actual court to determine if the law had been broken, instead of Dick Cheney.

Now if this story is correct, that might be all out the window. Here comes Telecom Immunity. There goes accountability.

Welcome to the United States of Fear


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