March 5, 2008

God Retracts Endorsement of Huckabee.

Anyone remember Huckabee saying this after winning the Iowa caucus?

HUCKABEE: There’s only one explanation for it, and it’s not a human one. It’s the same power that helped a little boy with two fish and five loaves feed a crowd of five thousand people. (Applause) That’s the only way that our campaign can be doing what it’s doing. And I’m not being facetious nor am I trying to be trite. There literally are thousands of people across this country who are praying that a little will become much, and it has. And it defies all explanation, it has confounded the pundits. And I’m enjoying every minute of them trying to figure it out, and until they look at it, from a, just experience beyond human, they’ll never figure it out. And it’s probably just as well. That’s honestly why it’s happening.
Well Huck, can you explain why the man upstairs would endorse a candidate to win a state but not the whole country? The bearded white man works in mysterious ways.

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Dean said...

thats awesome, Gawd must be a Hillary gal acording to last night.

GestapoParrot said...

I guess so, looks like he's shifted his vote.