March 6, 2008

Mental Health Coverage Parity Bill Passes House

Today H.R. 1424, the Paul Wellstone Mental Health and Addiction Equity Act was passed by the US House. This is a major development in the struggle for sane, fair healthcare for Americans. Until this bill becomes law, insurance companies are able to deny coverage for most mental health and addiction issues, leaving millions of Americans, who give hard-earned dollars to these corporations for their policies, out in the cold if their medical crisis comes in the form of a mental illness. The merits of this bill are debatable, particularly in light of competing bills in both the House and Senate. But this marks the first time Republican efforts to deny health insurance to the mentally disabled, and shield the Heath Corps from the financial burden of actually providing meaningful coverage, has been thwarted by Congressional Democrats.

Hey, I know it’s a baby step, but any progress is a good thing, and a freakin’ miracle to boot in this era of Pax-Republicana.

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