July 9, 2008

The Death of Our Principles

Get out the marshmellows and graham crackers folks, we're burning the Constitution today. The Senate is at this moment striking down the amendments to the new FISA bill which would have removed the retroactive immunity for the telecoms who participated in Bush's illegal wiretapping programs. Our glorious leaders will then pass the bill, vastly expanding the ability of the Bush Cabal to spy on American Citizens, without a warrant or meaningful oversight, and ensuring that no lawsuits are ever brought to any court about the legality of the program.

And so we invalidate the 4th Amendment.

I guess I'll be doing some drinking tonight. I'll pour one out for that quaint old piece of paper, it had a good run.

Edit: It happened. Congratulations folks, your Senators have now guaranteed that we will never know the extent to which we were (and are) being spied upon by our government, and that no court will ever even get a chance to rule on the legality of that spying. The Constitution is officially voluntary at this point.

And Obama? I cannot express the depth of my disappointment. Not only have you failed to raise even the modest opposition to this bill that was well within your power, but you actually voted for it? Official roll call on the vote is still pending, but Glenn is reporting that Barack was one of the "Yea" votes. The betrayal I feel right now is beyond words. I'm going home.

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