July 8, 2008

Cheney Values Big Oil Over American Lives...Again

Dick Cheney has always been viewed as, well, a dick. He's not a very likable guy, overly secretive, arrogant, and that famous sneer is never far from his faceplate face. Now, there have been plenty of unlikable characters who have wandered the halls of the White House (ahem, Nixon), but come on, this dude shot a man in the face!

Ok, let me say that again. Dick Cheney shot a man, with a shotgun, in the face! And yep, he's still the Vice President. Still blows my mind.

And anyone who has been paying attention is aware that he has no problem sacrificing a few thousand American youths and the country's economy in order to help out his buddies/coworkers at Halliburton. Can we end the bullshit? Call it "energy independence" or whatever you want to, this war was, and is, about getting the oil in the Middle East into American (Corporate) hands. Why do you think John McBush and the other Republicans want to stay there forever?

Ok, I digress...

In another stunning example of, I can't help it, Dick Cheney being a dick (I must be channeling John Stewart today), we have learned that Cheney's office ordered the deletion of testimony to Congress about the effects of global warming on public health. Yes, again, Dick would rather cut his BFFs in the oil industry a break on regulations etc than inform the American Public about the dangers their oil-addicted lifestyles are imposing on themselves and their children. According to a letter in response to an inquiry by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., former senior adviser on climate change to the Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Jason K. Burnett, claims that Dick ordered the removal of six pages of testimony
, out of 14, for Center for Disease Control Director Julie Gerberding which was to be presented before Congress last October. The pages in question dealt with "discussions of the human health consequences of climate change," according to Burnett. Hmm, might be important information for the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, I would think.

So Cheney's an asshole, nothing new here, but this manipulation of science and outright reality-denial is an outrageous affront to the dignity and security of the nation. I pray for some sort of accountability for these, and many other actions but the Bush Cabal, because given the spineless wonders with the "D" after their names in Congress, praying is pretty much all we have left.

"I fear for the future of our nation, for God is just."
-Thomas Jefferson

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