July 10, 2008

And I Liked You So Much Bill

The latest podcast from Bill Simmons, writer for ESPN, contains an apology (almost) for the article he wrote on why tennis is "boring and sucky", calling it "maybe the dumbest column I've ever written." Yes you are correct Bill, that was one of the dumbest articles of all time, but in your podcast you go on to mention that Wimbledon needs a retractable roof and lights so matches can proceed despite threatening weather.

Here's a little hint, you work for ESPN and probably have huge amounts of fact checking resources at your fingertips. A quick look around the internetz will let you know that next year Wimbledon will be equipped with those lights and roof you think they should consider looking at.

Being a sports columnist I would assume that you're, you know, interested in sports. And if you're going to write about something other than the big 3 (football, basketball, baseball) lose the not-so-veiled disinterest and disdain.

One more thing, if you're going to write about a sport you don't know much about and argue that it needs to be changed in such a way that makes it more exciting for the short attention span generation, you should also be prepared to advocate for the 35-game NBA season, the 60-game MLB season, moving the pitcher's mound back to 65 feet, eliminating charging in the NBA, and 11-on-10 in NFL games.

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