May 27, 2008

Clinton...Exit Stage Left

Alright Tye, I get the point.

So I return from my hiatus a hair's breadth before Tye's editorial ax falls. My apologies Readers, now successfully-resolved medical issues prompted my absence, and I fell out of my favorite habit. It has been a drab 3 weeks without my time here, and honestly, my newfound productivity at work has made my employers suspicious. Its past time to get back to it.

On to what matters.

Who is this Hillary Clinton-person and what the hell is she doing in the race at this point? I think its fairly obvious, as so many have noted, that Obama will be the Democratic Nominee, but the noise is getting a little angry. I have yet to hear a convincing argument for her remaining in the competition, and once you begin basing the success of your candidacy on the tasteless, tragic hope (can we even call that a hope?) that your opponent might be assassinated, I'm going to just say that you have lost. You are out of you mind to believe anything further she does in this primary campaign is for the benefit of anyone other than Hillary Clinton. I fear that there is nowhere else for the Democratic primary to go but down, and Hillary is definitly playing the anchor in this play. I've been hearing a great deal of rhetoric being thrown in Obama's direction, and I have to assume that it would be easier for him to battle John McBush without the point of Clinton's knife, metaphorically speaking, pressed against his back.

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Tye said...

Dean you should read your own website, where I postulate as to why Hillary is still in the race.

The post even had prominent blogger and Rhodes Scholar (and my former roommate) Nick Anthis comment.