May 27, 2008

The Veeping Villow...Confronting the Democratic Conundrum

Welcome to our new Senior Junior political correspondent Aurash Kamkar

First off, I want to thank Tye and Deano for allowing me to join the team and throw out some great posts. Lets get to it!!

As the end of the primary season draws near, a huge question is on the horizon: Obama's VP selection. The importance of this selection cannot be understated. This decision as we all know needs to shore up Obama on several fronts. The selection has to make him more formidable on national security issues and curtail fears about his experience. By experience, I do not mean governance, I mean pulling the trigger on a daunting choice, where he truly does trail his competitors. The VP choice also needs to bridge the ever more apparent Obama/Clinton divide. I know that many are calling for an Obama/Clinton ticket. This is a very sharp double edged sword. It would unify the party behind both, in addition it would unify an ailing republican base. The strengths of a Obama/Clinton partnership are negligible while the weaknesses are apparent even to the blind. The dislike of the Clintons will overshadow the GOP's disdain of McCain.

I've looked over the literature about the different options. I firmly believe that former NATO commander Wes Clark is a perfect fit. He is experienced on the International scene along with many years of military service. He is a Clinton surrogate and more importantly he's not a career politician, he's a general, which should mitigate McCain's military virtues. A Obama/Clark ticket becomes very appealing to "upper crust" democrats as well as Midwest blue collar voters. Such a decision, should appease the Clinton wing of the party and diversify the pull of the overall ticket.

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