March 13, 2008

Obama's Terrible, Awful, Campaign-Crippling Streak Continues

So Obama's "slump" continues, with wins in Wyoming and Mississippi. Thats 26 additional pledged delegates to Clinton's 19 from those contests. Solid victories as well, he picked up 61% of the votes in both states to Clinton's 38% and 37%. Obama has increased his delegate lead over Clinton to 131, and with the remaining states expected to split more or less evenly, the math is becoming more and more difficult for Clinton. Pennsylvania might trend a little more towards Hillary, but it doesn't appear that a victory for her there would numerically make a significant dent in Obama's lead.

And with Clinton's campaign becoming more and more like an offshoot of the "McBush for Preznit" movement, Obama doesn't have anywhere to go but up.

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