March 11, 2008

Beat of the Nation: Environment (full results)

Here I go with the 4th installment of Beat of the Nation. My polling abilities slowed down with my committment to the Obama campaign for the Texas primary/caucus, but I finally have the data here.

I'll post all of the data here and later have a review of it all.

Q: How environmentally conscious do you think the average American is?
A: 53% 'Not Very'; 36% 'Somewhat'; 6% 'Not at all'; 4% 'A good amount'; 1% 'Very'

Q: How concerned are you about the air quality where you live?
A: 38% 'Very concerned'; 31% 'Somewhat concerned'; 31% 'Not concerned'

Q: Are we doing enough to protect the environment?
A: 70% 'No, its not enough'; 16% 'Yes, its the right amount'; 13% 'No, its too much'

Q: Will the next generation be more "eco-friendly" than this one?
A: 52% 'To some degree'; 35% 'Yes, alot'; 9% 'No, not really'; 4% 'No, they'll be less'

Q: Which gobal issue would you want solved first?
A: 43% 'War'; 20% 'World Hunger'; 19% 'Destruction of the Environment'; 10% 'Global Warming'; 8% 'Other'

Q: Do you think the consequences of global warming have been overstated?
A: 61% 'I do not'; 39% 'I do'

Q: Which of these issues most touches your life personally?
A: 33% 'The ecnonomy'; 27% 'Healthcare'; 16% 'The environment'; 16% 'Education'; 8% 'Women's Rights'

Q: Which of these is the best way to get homeowners to conserve water?
A: 66% 'Cash for conservation efforts'; 25% 'Higher fees for water use'; 9% 'Strict limits on water usage'

Q: I would buy a hybrid more to?
A: 66% 'Save on gas'; 34% 'Protect the environment'

Q: How much emphasis should schools put on environmentalism?
A: 63% 'A lot'; 23% 'Some', 14% 'None'

Q: The amount of research into renewable energy is?
A: 87% 'Too little'; 9% 'About right'; 4% 'Too much'

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