March 14, 2008

Bush Is a Moron, Again

This might have to be a weekly (daily?) segment, the Chump in Chief does offer a lot of fodder.

Not only is Bush a monument to intellectual, moral, and cultural depravity, he apparently is a callous asshole as well. Apparently, W is just so jealous of the "fantastic experience" the troops are having in Iraq and Afghanistan. Never mind the mounting casualties (3987 is the latest number), horrific numbers of wounded US soldiers and others, and stories of mental disorders running rampant among personnel. Bush says he thinks it all sounds just so "romantic." Can't you see George and Laura having a nice candle lit dinner in devastated downtown Baghdad, the sounds of IED explosions and small arms fire filling the evening, Blackhawks circling over head, displaced Iraqi's shuffling past the bombed out shells of their former lives. I wonder how I can get a reservation? Too bad Valentine's Day has already passed, eh W? That one would have scored you a ton of brownie points.


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