September 4, 2008

RNC Roundup: Night 2

Big night tonight for the Republicans. McCain's acceptance speech. How will it match up with Obama's in Denver? The Palin travesty unfolds....

More to come.

Update: I almost feel bad for McCain. He faces this election alone. Biden will be a source of strength and advise for Obama in the coming months, and his experience in both Congress and on the world stage will be a effective response to the Right's "inexperience" arguments. But Palin is a millstone. She is half a candidate. The campaign itself has decided she will have no interaction with the public except through prewritten speeches, no Q&A. They are claiming that she will fill in her considerate policy and experience gaps under the wing of McBush over the next 4 years, but until then, she will require that McCain spend his political capital on her validity as a candidate for VP. That is capital McCain can ill afford in the face of the Obama/Biden ticket.

Update: I hate to admit it, but I'm watching Billo, he's showing his interview with Obama. Bill is an asshat. Surprise surprise. Trying to tell Obama that he wont go after Bin Laden in Pakistan. Who the hell is he to tell the future President what he will or wont do?

Update: I think MSNBC just reported that the teleprompter isn't working. McCain is gonna fall apart. This will be ugly, either way.

Update: Lindsey Graham is a douche. Claims Obama somehow advocates defeat for our forces in the Middle East by not throwing around empty rhetoric about some ill defined "victory."

Update: I must admit, Cindy McCain is pretty amazing. She is a perfect example of using wealth correctly. Presentation was very well done as well.

Cindy is killing me, that monotone is brutal. She talks about McCain making a better world for our children and her families hardships in the same tone of voice.

RNC 2008: Only the Finest Canned Speeches!

Update: Ok, McCain has started, so I need to pour a drink, we'll see if I can stand to be in the same room with a television for the next 50 minutes.

I'll see you in an hour...

Ok, I lied, protester just held up a sign saying "McCain Votes Against Vets." /salute and well said.

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