September 3, 2008

Republican Roundup

Sarah Palin is an amazing choice for John McCain's running mate. Incredibly stupid, as has been noted. An inexcusable blunder of judgement and politics by McCain on paper, but there's more going on here. This could be the dumbest luck in history or a move of considerable genius, in that we have talked of little else since the announcement. McCain's name has been all over the news show banners for something like 48 straight hours. Obama's historic speech be damned. If you believe "there is no such thing as bad press," Sarah Palin is a freakin' homerun.

The RNC is hilarious.

McGrumpy struck again.

Fred Thompson needs a cough drop.

26 minutes, 72 throat clearings (phlegm count courtesy of Keith Olbermann) and a whole lotta yawns.
From Nicole Belle at C&L.

Mitt Romney is a jackass of epic proportions.

So I've been looking for a little more substance on Gov. Palin, and TP has come though again. Great "Sarah Palin Digest" from

9iu11ani and then Palin on deck, so thoughts to follow.

Update: Alright, Giuliani is at it again, he's stroked off into another 9/11 rant. Its just hard to watch this train wreck. But it does have this pack of RNC clowns howling, these people are thirsting for blood tonight.

Update: Rudy is out of his damn mind. Claiming Palin's few years as mayor make her more experienced than Senators Obama and Biden. Madness and lies. A dark night in St. Paul.

Update: Palin is killing me. I think she might cry before the speech is over. She just claimed she said "Thanks but no thanks," to the Bridge to Nowhere funding. This pic from Kos says otherwise. Teh stupid, it hurts...

Update: The Man Himself makes an appearance. Reminds me of a game show host. Says hi and then...its over...weird.

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