April 7, 2008

Autism Panel, How Did Jenny McCarthy Get Here?

At about 3:00 Jenny shows her expertise and the shit hits the fan with the doctors

So maybe I'm a little old fashioned but to me there is a difference between formal training, years of experience and being able to read the internet.  Self-proclaimed autism expert to the stars, Jenny McCarthy somehow got on this panel of autism experts (two clinical researchers and maybe one of the best pediatricians in the world) on Larry King Live.

I'm sorry Jenny but a degree from Google University and a strong hunch are not enough to proclaim your expertise in autistic matters.  This really pisses me off because there are people out there that devote their lives to sitting in a lab or pouring over peer reviewed literature to ascertain the true facts and the person who gets face time is a former playboy model with an autistic child.

The fact is that autism is a serious and debilitating condition that causes strain not only on the family but also friends and doctors.  Care for an autistic child is very difficult to pin down and what a child responds to and improves from is based mostly on trial and error.  The scientists that made a conscious decision to tease out the details of this disease should be respected more and actually listened to.  Jenny spouts her usual anti-vaccination crap (which she is immediately reminded that there is not one study to support her views) and continues with the mercury topics (only to be reminded again that mercury derivatives haven't been used in the MMR vaccine for years and yet autism rates haven't dropped, explain that Dr. McCarthy) ad nauseum.  This is the third time Larry has had Jenny on to stoke the fears of parents about to take their children in to get vaccines.  And as much as I respect the guy he is a damn pushover (maybe its that blonde hair and big fake tits, huh Larry? just can't resist?) and can himself look into the facts before he pushes this shit on his show.

This is disheartening for those who really have committed their personal time and careers to learning the FACTS about this disease and how to improve it.  It is dangerous for Jenny to spout false claims and raise fears that shouldn't be there.  False persecution has never had a good outcome.

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Dean said...

lol, oh 24 hour news networks, when will you stop making us laugh?

Dean said...

lol, oh 24 hour news networks, when will you stop making us laugh?

Tye said...

i wonder what it was like to be around when there were real journalists instead of bobbing heads.

Andrew said...

u know its sad when Conan O'Brien is more of a legit journalist than Larry King! lol i love me some Cone Zone! lol

Shivas said...

I didnt actually see this live but watching the youtube video really pissed me off so I decided to email CNN...here it is:

Dear CNN,

I watched your Larry King interview with Jenny McCarthy about autism and I would like to congratulate you for making America dumber. I didn’t actually watch it live and Im glad I didn’t because it would have been a huge waste of my time. I actually read about it in a blog making fun of your “hard hitting” news piece. Here is another video clip of your autism expert: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbudliGmvLw

I wouldn’t even let this person wash my car window at an intersection with some nasty gutter water and a ball of newspaper (wait yes I would, she is hot). Yes she is obviously good looking but she is also equally stupid. Are you so desperate for viewers that you would let an MTV bimbo reject give their uniformed opinion about a serious disease? She didn’t even know there wasn’t a trial!!! I doubt she can actually read as well. Next time you want more viewers try letting Larry jump over a shark on water skis.

Tye said...

oh the email king, I knew you'd jump on something like this eventually