February 4, 2008

The South Will Rise Again!

Or at least it better hope it does, cause it has nowhere else to go. I can't believe I live in a state where better than 20% of the population has less than a freshmen high school equivalency.

I come from a town where my high school was over 97% hispanic and a large number of the students would only attend class on a seasonal basis because there family would migrate based on the crop rotation. Many families survive on this type of work and continue to rely on their kiddos to help bring home the bacon during work season. Its sad that many of the kids can't get through school and drop out once they reach high school (or the fuzzy age between legally and illegally skipping school) because they are helping their families out.

Time and time again education has shown to be the great equalizer regardless of skin color, origin, or accent possessed. I know (personally) that many of the parents of these kids would love to send their kids through high school so they could qualify for a different job, but economic realities are something that doesn't favor sacrifice for the long run. So if the trend continues it looks like the south may find itself in dire need intellectual acumen in the next 20 years. Think how many doctors, lawyers, teachers, counselors, and scientists are being squashed without a chance.

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