February 7, 2008

Sex life need a boost?

If so try making your woman wear high heels. Researchers out of Italy have discovered that wearing high heels had beneficial effects on subjects sex lives. The Courier Mail picked up on this with a short article about the study.

Its pretty easy to see why high heels would improve women's sex lives. The more toned and elastic the floor pelvic muscles become arousal increases due to improved voluntary spasm control around the most sensitive areas. Having to stand on your toes all day requires a great deal of tonal and coordination ability between the halves of the hips and enforces strong core movements upon walking. Another aspect is the mental association of feeling sexy how that motivation can spur arousal and eventually climax. Heels, to both men and women, are almost universally sexy and the elongation of the legs and torso lead to a more graceful figure which accentuates hips and breasts.

In truth as a future medical provider I would never recommend women wear heels everyday. The effect of prolonged torsion on the bones and tendons in the foot cause musculature problems which eventually lead to deformation of the bones and increased stress on all areas of the back and abdominal support structure. By no means am I advocating the dismissal of high heels as I fall into the trap of male infatuation with high heels and skirts, but by all means ladies, there are better ways to improve your sexual pleasure. Kegels are wonderful excercies (for you too guys) as most all muscles (except those controlling climax) involved in sex are highly skeletal in nature and can be manipulated by the self. Increased muscular dexterity not only leads to a more controlled sexual experience but also a general increase in blood flow to the pubic area associated with muscle building and toning. So if you can't get motivated to work out sit on your couch and do some Kegels, you'll not only be getting in better shape, you'll be improving your sex life.

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