April 2, 2008

Wal Mart Does The Right Thing

I don't think we've covered it here yet but this is a pretty disturbing story. In short, Deborah Shank was an overnight shelf-stocker at Wal Mart who was broadsided by a semi truck. She suffered horrendous injuries including permanent brain damage. Unable to walk without help, she lost the ability to care for herself or interact meaningfully with her family. Now 52, she lives in a nursing home.

Deborah, through an agent, settled with the trucking company and set up a trust to ensure her long-term care. But Wal Mart lawyers, citing a clause in her health benefits, sued for all money their health plan had covered after her accident. Even though they were technically right, morally it is wrong to take this woman's only means of ensured care. They even sued for court costs and won! The case went all the way to the supreme court and they didn't even hear the case, giving Wal Mart the decisive win.

But today Wal Mart executives say they do not plan to collect on their court winnings
. In a humane and unexpected turn of events the huge corporation has decided to swallow their pride and give this woman a means of survival, hell they even ate all of their court costs. So I guess chalk one up for big corporations, the score should be about 3,945,489,283 to 1 now.

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