April 25, 2008

Economic Stagnancy Package

Monday marks the first day that the government will waste up to $300B to give everyone a little cash in their pockets. The stated goal was to give average Americans a little cash they could spend to help "stimulate" the economy. Here's how I think it'll shakedown.

Most middle class citizens will either a) pay off debt or b) stash the money in savings. Now obviously there is a third option, they could go buy something in the stores, unfortunately everything we have in our stores is made in China so guess who's getting that money back.

Really the only real way that the economy will get a boost is if everyone goes to the store and gets $600 worth of American made beer, so I encourage everyone to go out and meet your civil responsibilities and get hammered after you get your check.

I forgot about the 4th option for the checks. Think how much of that cash is going to be spent by people who just need the extra cash for drugs. And according to the government, drugs are a large contributor to terrorist operations, so whoo-hoo government sponsored terror!

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