April 23, 2008

Clintons "BIG" Win

The aftermath of last nights primary in PA is still being discussed obviously. Joe Scar, on Morning Joe this morning, was still acting like a drunken frat boy at a lingerie show. He just obviously can't contain his Pat Buchanan-like joy at the thought of the Dem race continuing for a few more months. Hey, I understand, I would be grinning too if the Rethugs were ripping each other apart. But lets discuss this victory in the proper context.

Hillary won by 10 percentage points, perhaps less, gaining somewhere between 6-10 delegates, depending on who's math you look at. Now, after last night, Obama as 1484 pledged delegates to Clinton's 1330, which still has Obama ahead by 154 pledged delegates, which does not take into account the slow bleed of supers who have been joining Barack, and in some cases, leaving Hillary. An 154 delegate lead is pretty substantial, especially when you consider that there are only 242 delegates left to be won from Indiana, North Carolina, and Puerto Rico. So while Clinton did win PA, and should be congratulated for the victory, I feel like I need to tell some of the talking heads that a 10 delegate pickup is a pretty small battle in this war for the nomination. Clinton did not deliver a crushing blow last night, she narrowly dodged the blow that would have ended her campaign.

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