February 28, 2008


Go Mighty Morphin' Congresspeople, go!

Good to see some more evidence that Congressional Democrats might, collectivly, be in possesion of a human spine.

The power of Congress to issue supoenas if one of the few effective measures we have against a dictator-president, and our representatives have for far too long allowed these outrageous rejections of that power to go unpunished. If this child-president, to quote the Good Doctor, is allowed to withhold whatever documentation and testimony he desires, god have mercy on our nation. The destruction and filth that bumbling fool has spawned around himself and the world will pale in comparison to what I fear his twisted mind could accomplish if he knew his actions could be forever hidden from the eyes of Congress and the American People.

What the hell am I saying? Georgy Porgy doesn't have a mind! He's a burnt-out zombie animated by Dick Cheney's hatred of fuzzy puppies and sunshine.

Go get em, Fightin' 110th!

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