February 29, 2008

Glenn Greenwald Rocks

Glenn, once again, gets it right.

This dude is smart, concise, and passionate. He expertly points out the accidental truth in Bush's most recent attempt to scare the living crap (read: civil liberties) out of the American People.

Bush has acknowledged the existence of an "extra-legal" terrorist surveillance program (TSP) which has been in operation since 2001. When he attempted to get the DOJ to vouch for that program's legality, by trying to bullying a hospitalized Ashcroft into signing off on it, even the right-wing fundies Bush had installed in the Department threatened to resign rather than attach their name to that tangled mess of criminality. How bad does something have to be before John Ashcroft refuses to sign off on it? I would venture "pretty damn bad."

So here's the deal. Bush broke the law. Broke it so bad and to such an extent that his own cronies feared being associated with the program, even with the power of presidential pardons behind them. Now Bush wants Congress to ensure, through Telecom immunity, that no account of that program is ever revealed.

He isn't trying to ensure anti-terror efforts are protected; the FISA court, and all courts in fact, are able to handle sensitive information in such a way as to keep it from the very lawyers arguing the case, not to mention all those pro-terra traitors in Congress and the American Public.

He is trying to cover his own Constitution-wiping ass. Of course he doesn't want lawsuits revealing "how we conduct surveillance," because he has been conducting surveillance illegally.

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