August 18, 2008

Presidential Candidates: "Screw Science! I wanna talk about Pixies!"

So I did a bit of talking about ScienceDebate2008, anyone remember that? It was going to be a public forum debate in Philadelphia concerning the science policies and knowledge of the Presidential candidates. Remember how all the idiots running for President turned it down? They were just 'too busy' or 'washing their hair' or something?

Amazingly though, both Obama and McCain found the time to participate in this shit-fest:
The Rev. Rick Warren, author of the best-seller "The Purpose-Driven
Life," will spend an hour interviewing each candidate at his
20,000-member Saddleback mega-church in Southern California.
Yes, good idea guys, turn down the request of the most brilliant fucking minds on this planet and every major science organization, but accept the opportunity to be questioned by RICK FUCKING WARREN IN A FUCKING MEGA CHURCH. Seriously guys, what the fuck?!?!?

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