August 26, 2008

Another "Victory" for Bush's Foreign Policy

Last October, it seemed as if The Bush Gang had proved the "stopped clock" theory and had "gotten one right" on the foreign policy test. A major development in the nuclear situation in North Korea involved six-party talks and an agreement stipulating that N. Korea would end their nuclear programs in return for removal from the "State Sponsors of Terror" list. They did. We didn't. Surprise!

Now, as the US and other nations bicker about the method of verification of the disarming, N. Korea has stated that as of Aug. 14th, they have halted the dismantling of their enrichment program.

Way to go George. The immaturity of this guy is astounding. He got what he wanted, the feather in his cap for disarming N. Korea, but when it came time for him to keep his end of the bargain, guess what he did? Yup, changed the rules and yelled "Psych!" And now the world once again must face the consequences of the Bush Cabal's ignorance/incompetence; a potentially re-armed North Korea.

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