May 7, 2008

Obama Gets the Full Hour of "Meet the Press"

On Sunday morning I was really looking forward to seeing a full hour of Barack Obama on "Meet the Press". Of course I knew I wasn't going to make the 9am start time so before I went out on Saturday I made sure to set the DVR to record it, and I am so glad I did.

I don't know that I could've sat through an hour of live dribble about the Reverend Wright issue again. I thought all of this crap was over with? Didn't Obama say he denounced the guy's statements and was cutting ties with him? Anyway, Tim Russert had a real chance to sit down and talk actual politics and policies with someone who may represent just under 300 million world citizens in less than a year, but instead chose to hammer home the vitriol of Wright's comments, which Obama clearly stated he didn't agree with over 5 times in the interview (full transcript).

Towards the end of the show there was some good discussion on Iran, nuclear power, and exactly how Obama sees the primary race ending up (he is pretty sure he'll win without a large upheaval by the superdelegates). Overall I thought Obama came off as concise and informed on the discussed issues. He explained very precisely why he is against the "gas tax holiday" proposed by John McCain and quickly taken up by Hillary Clinton. He wasn't afraid to expose just how much of a political gimmick (I'll cover this later today in another post) the "gas tax holiday" is, and clearly outlined his position on the matter.

Overall I think there was probably 10-15 minutes worth of a 45 minute interview that was worth watching. The rest was really media dribble and divisive reporting, the same that I've come to expect of ALL news agencies, regardless of political leaning.

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