April 30, 2008

McCain's Healthcare Debacle

Ok, so I know this is becoming a common theme here at StifledMind, but I'm going to hit it again anyway. John McCain is a fucking moron.

I know, I know, we're supposed to be talking about how OUTRAGEOUS the distraction issue between Obama and his former pastor has become. How Obama's statement of disagreement with some of Wright's opinions is THE SURE AND FINAL SIGN that Barack just doesn't have what it takes to be the president.


Ok, but in the real world, children are still missing necessary checkups, the ill are not able to afford their medication, and people are actually dieing because they can't pay to live. Obviously, we are talking about the more impoverished segment of the population, for if a person can afford to provide their children or themselves with healthcare, I would imagine they would. So McCain has devised a solution, and is anyone surprised that its a near mirror-reflection of Bush's laughable proposal in 2007? McBush strikes again. This dottering fool wants to offer tax breaks to individuals who purchase their own health insurance. Sounds good, huh? Except the majority of people who do not have insurance now, do not pay taxes either due to their income levels. A tax break for people who don't pay taxes isn't much of a break is it? And by removing the tax incentives for companies to provide insurance for their employees, those employer programs will also suffer, if not vanish, as a result.

McDumbass, like the modern GOP, is disastrously out of touch of the needs of Americans. We don't need crumbs-from-the-table tax deals to help us afford private insurance. Hell, we don't need any damned insurance at all. What we need is heathcare. We need the profit calculations to be removed from decisions about our physical well-being. We need a government which advocates for the People, not the corporations. Take a look at McSame's proposal, and guess which of those two it favors...

Yeah, I'm sad too.

And we're not following the media on this issue today, here's a post from March 11th featured on StifledMind detailing why McCain's plan will fail.

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Dean said...


GOP Mantra "There is no problem tax cuts can't solve."

Tye said...

added a footer there Dean