March 21, 2008

Can We Please Stop?

Seriously. There is so mush fussing going on now in the media about the words and phrases Obama has used in his attempt to elevate the discussion of race in our nation. After Obama's historical speech this week, the commentators and talking heads have gone absolutely nuts over his frank and honest assessment of attitudes towards race among Americans. They claimed he threw his Grandmother "under the bus" by describing her fearful reactions to black men on the streets. I feel confident in saying that he was merely attempting to describe the sometimes unconscious racial discriminations all people, whatever the color, make from time to time. Then when he explained further that he was addressing the reactions of a "typical white person," holy hell, the shit really hit the fan.

People, can we please attempt to be adults, and begin discussing the issues Obama raises? Can we end this useless witch hunt through his rhetoric for any shade of hypocrisy or contradiction? Lets really start, right here.

So the first step in this discussion. Is there anyone out there who seriously believes that slavery and Jim Crow and "separate but equal" are over? As in finished, no longer relevant. That these elements of American history are just that, history, and thus have no bearing on the current discussion. I would argue that those aspects must be taken into account, and anyone who doubts their relevance ought to voice a credible, logical argument to support that position.

There, ok, we're thinking, we're moving forward. Doesn't that feel better? No more screeching about Obama's campaign being negatively affected by this trivial bullshit. No more indignant calls for him to "address this issue," again. For the 82nd time. Grow up people.

Thats my take anyway.

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