March 31, 2008

McBush Does It Again

John McCain is freakin’ retarded. This guy has been wrong on just so many things. Then earlier this month, there was this gem off the ironically named “Straight Talk Express.” Johnny Boy again reveals his stunning ability to be both offensive and ignorant at the same time.

Is there anyone left in America who continues to be “stumped” when it comes to the effect latex condoms have on STD transmission? Really, does anyone out there believe that the science is undecided? Or that preventing the transmission of potentially life-threatening diseases is somehow immoral? These are not rhetorical questions, please respond if you believe these things, I’d love to hear the intelligent argument for the moral correctness of allowing the spread of preventable, terminal diseases. Think of it as a challenge. Those issues aside, isn’t McSame supposed to be the guy with the answers? The no nonsense Senator who is just going to tell it like it is or as he believes, and to hell with what everyone else says? Then what is the deal with all this uncertainty?

Mr. McCain: (Laughs) “Are we on the Straight Talk express? I’m not informed enough on it. Let me find out. You know, I’m sure I’ve taken a position on it on the past. I have to find out what my position was. Brian, would you find out what my position is on contraception – I’m sure I’m opposed to government spending on it, I’m sure I support the president’s policies on it.”
Why is he blindly co-signing Bush’s policies without even confirming what they are? I think is pretty obvious that the pander-fog is getting a little thick around the McCain campaign. He’s done so much to piss off the Gawd-fearing fundies in his party that now he has to bend over backwards to recast himself as a sheep in wolves clothing, and not the other way around. But just in case those staffers haven't gotten back to the Senator yet, here's a little info, courtesy of the CDC:
Two reviews summarizing the use of latex condoms among serodiscordant heterosexual couples (i.e., in which one partner is HIV positive and the other HIV negative) indicated that using latex condoms substantially reduces the risk for HIV transmission (2,3). In addition, two subsequent studies of serodiscordant couples confirmed this finding and emphasized the importance of consistent (i.e., use of a condom with each act of intercourse) and correct condom use (4,5).

So McDumbass, condoms do help prevent the transmission of AIDS. You know, that disease that has been killing people in Africa? Ok, just making sure your keeping up (and awake).

I’ve never understood this one to begin with. Unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases seem like universal negatives, right? We can all agree, I’m assuming, that these elements are not “good,” in any sense of the word. These are major problems. Do we need to find all the surveys and studies detailing how unplanned conceptions and STDs negatively affect people’s lives? So how can the religious right manage to simultaneously claim to be the manifestation of Gawd’s benevolent love in this world, and then do so much to foster pain and suffering among Gawd’s children?

So the claim, if I have it correct, is that using a condom is immoral because it could prevent a pregnancy, which is Gawd’s Will, and it is wrong to thwart Gawd. Ok, I know, pretty laughable, but lets see this through. So sometimes intercourse results in fertilization, sometimes it does not. So apparently, its not the act itself that is immoral when it fails to produce a baby, but the manipulation of the probability on our part that is the problem. Gawd has set the probability of conception in his Heavenly Ti-83, and mucking about with that number is Wrong. Ok, so now we’ve denounced all fertility therapy as sinful. Oops, I didn’t see that in the “10 Quick and Easy Steps To Salvation” brochure. Is this the argument? Or is it only sinful if you cause the probability of fertilization to decrease? Dang, all you women out there on birth control? Straight to the front of the line for the “Hot Place Express.” Yeah, its a little complicated. If only Gawd had left an instruction manual for all these bedroom rules. The only mention of any type of contraception in the Bible is the story of Onan in Genesis (Gen 38:8-10), where he “pulls out” and is slain for disobeying the Old Testament Jewish Law regarding fathering children for your brother’s widow. Far from conclusive, but don’t tell

So the logical arguments for the immorality of contraception is, even allowing Scriptural input, doesn’t exactly hold up. But there is a broader point. HIV/AIDS in Africa is not an issue, not merely another campaign bullet point, it is a damned CRISIS, and anything that can be done to prevent further transmission, should be done. Yes, that does include encouraging people to be abstinent as the most effective way of preventing infections, but it must include instruction on the truth about STDs and their effects, along with comprehensive preventative measures, including condoms. For Christ’s sake, literally, people lives are at stake here. I know their brown people across some ocean McCain, but is appeasing the “agents of intolerance” in your party worth the backslide in awareness and prevention your candidacy is fomenting?

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